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"Respecting the concerns of clients and valuing creative collaborations."

Trusted Valuation Partner for client's China expansion plans

Fully supporting clients’ business expansion
We have been serving as Valuation Consultant for the client since 2004, and providing our full support to their business growth. The client was a well-established group, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, engaged in the manufacturing and distribution and retailing of branded products, and property development and investment. We have provided professional valuation services to various types of properties, including land lot, industrial, commercial, retail shop and also en-bloc office buildings, the client had bought or intended to buy. Since 2010, we have accompanied the client to expand into China, offering full appraisal services to assist them to fulfill their China ambitions.

Working diligently through barriers to deliver the best service
It was quite an unforgettable experience for our valuation specialists in the Shenyang project in which they were required to deliver a full report to the client within a very tight schedule. After arriving late in Shenyang on a midnight flight, they got up very early in the morning to freezing temperatures of -36 C, to visit the site of a large land lot of tens of square kilometers in the middle of a new development zone. As the site was vast and the boundaries were not easily identifiable because of the thick and heavy snow, it took our colleagues some time and effort to clearly identify the site, its access and surroundings with certainty. There was no comparable market data as it was a new development zone. In order to make the report useful to the client, our dedicated colleagues immediately conducted a physical search in the freezing cold weather for comparable sites within a radius of half an hour driving distance. Despite the difficulties in finding suitable sites with similar size and conditions and the limited time allowed, they identified 5 comparable sites, among which they selected the two closest ones to be included in the analysis. The client found the detailed report very useful in their decision making.

Being a reliable partner through development stages of a landmark project
The client subsequently bought three more adjacent lots with a plan to develop them into a landmark in Shenyang. We provided several comprehensive appraisal reports to the client at different stages of development of the Shenyang project, taking into account of new changes and updated progress. Our reports served the various needs of the client in related corporate activities and fulfilled the requirements of public announcement and annual audit. The client has appointed us as their professional consultant for many other subsequent projects in Hong Kong and China. We have become a long term reliable partner of the client in their future strategic business developments.